Karachi Circular Railway March 2005

A section of the Karachi Circular Railway i.e Karachi City --Landhi was re-opened on 8th March 2005. This section was already operative with six trains .
The actual circle beginning from
Karachi City--Wazir Mansion-Lyari--Site--Manghopir is serviceable while its portion from Manghopir-- Orangi--Liaquatabad--Gillani till Urdu College is heavily encroached upon. It remains to be seen how these bottlenecks are removed.
If the circle is completed it would be a landmark achievement of the PR and the Sindh Govt and the CDGK.


KCR at Karachi City Stn. KCR coach exterior. KCR coach interior. KCR loco. KCR loco. Click on pictures for enlarged view of Karachi Circular Railway.
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